Ways to Display Tweets on Your WordPress site

So the question is: ways to display Tweets on your WordPress site.

Ways to display Tweets on your WordPress site - Adrian Colin Doyle

Twitter itself provides you with a free and effective way of displaying your Tweets on your WordPress site. They just keep it a bit hidden from you.

  1. Click on you profile image (circle top right hand corner in your Twitter window)
  2. Click Settings and privacy
  3. On the left hand menu, cluck Widgets
  4. Click Create new button and choose Profile
  5. When prompted for ‘what would you like to embed’ give your Twitter handle, like @newbookcentral
  6. Choose Embedded Timeline for display options
  7. Instantly Twitter will produce a line of HTML code that you can copy and then paste to your WordPress webpage, using your normal page editor, but make sure you are editing in TEXT mode.

For WordPress plugins I’m still researching this, but for now the possibles are:

  • Rotating Tweets (Twitter widget and shortcake) – useful for putting a latest tweets rotating section at the foot of each blog post or article.
  • Feed Them Social – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vine, Pinterest, etc by SlickRemix – my possible goto solution. But be aware that many of its features require the Premium version costing you approx $40.
  • Easy Twitter Feed Widget Plugin – WARNING seems to no longer work, included only because a lot of google search results seem to suggest the plugin, but they are out of date.

And to automatically post to Twitter from your WordPress:

  • WP to Twitter – I have yet to test this.


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