Useful Websites for Finding Photographs for Blogs

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What use is a website, blog or social media post without images to illustrate it? Colour or black and white, vector graphic or photograph, simple flat design or an awe-inspiring picture quote at times we need one or all of these. Luckily here is a short list of Useful Websites for Finding Photographs for Blogs. Vector graphics and picture quotes will have to wait for another day.

Useful Websites for Finding Images for Blogs - Adrian Colin Doyle
When you need photographs. A Camera with female.



Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What kind of photo do you need? My favourite goto source for photographs is Their images can be used for free, for any purpose and the range and quality of their images always amazes me.


Camera lens and prints - Adrian Colin Doyle
Camera lens and prints. The black and white experience.


Manipulating Images

I’m a big fan of cropping images, turning them into black and white or sepia images. Another ‘trick’ I like is fading the colour saturation 20% or so to set a certain ‘mood’ for a blog article. When used across many images in the same blog or article that can unify the images and yet leave the ‘visual’ focus on the text.


Male Photographer - Adrian Colin Doyle
Male Photographer with background blurred / focus on foreground.


I also like to set the focus on one part of an image (such as the eyes) and blur the rest of the image. In the photo above I haven’t done any editing on the image, the photographer himself se the focus on the lens in the foreground. One of these days I may write another article about how I do image manipulation.


Choosing the appropriate image

Photographer with legs - Adrian Colin Doyle
Got your attention? Female photographer with legs that go on and on.


A picture paints a thousand words is often quoted and we can extend that by saying the appropriate image will gain attention and an inappropriate image may impact you negatively.

All the images in this article were chosen from I selected only 4 from a list of over 100 images. I could imagine using them for:

  • a blog article thumbnail / featured image
  • a magazine article about photography
  • in material to support a training course on photography
  • a book cover for a YA romance novel

Why os these photographs do you like best and why?

I’ve just realised that this article on Useful Websites for Finding Photographs for Blogs has only included one website. So here’s another: which rightly describes itself as containing beautiful, free photos, gifted by the world’s most generous community of photographers. If you want coffee-table book style photographs to inspire then that’s the site for you.

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