How to Setup Contact Form 7 for WordPress

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I’ll keep this short and to the point about how to setup Contact Form 7 for WordPress.

How to setup Contact Form 7 in WordPress - Adrian Colin Doyle

First of all install and activate the plugin.

On the left hand side of your WordPress admin screen / console a new menu has been added called Contact. You’ll find it below Comments.

After installation you’ll have ‘Contact form 1’ already created for you, and it comes with a shortcode that you can copy and use later on the page where you want to display the form, i.e. on your contact page. The shortcode will look something like this: contact-form-7 id=”18″ title=”Contact form 1″ and be surrounded by [ ] brackets.

Click edit on the Contact form 1 entry. You’ll be able to see some tabs called:

  • Form
  • Mail
  • Messages
  • Additional Settings

You can change these all later, but just check that the Mail tabs is showing ‘To:’ email address that you recognise.

Now go and create a new page called contact and include in that page the shortcode for Contact Form 7 that includes the square brackets, such as this example: [contact-form-7 id=”18″ title=”Contact form 1″]

Publish that page and test it by sending a message as user would. Then check in your email account that the image was received. Job done.

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