Introducing English to 8 year old children in school for the first time. A fun lesson plan about England and language.

These are talking points I used when I visited a class of 8 year olds in Finland who are just starting out with their first English lessons. The purpose is for them to ‘meet’ a real person from England and to get excited about learning English. That and some free candy should help them think English is a fun language to learn. Supporting objects: Union Jack flag, old school blazer, old school tie, bag of fudge/toffee (the most important thing).


There are lots of blank spacing lines in this article, so it can be revealed topic by topic on the classroom projector.




Up. Down


Yes. No


My name is …

(what is your name)






Let’s count numbers

How old are you?

I am …







I’m English

I’m from London.






This is my flag

The British flag or Union Jack represents the countries of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The United Kingdom.








Say them often and say them LOUD.







Children at school in England wear a uniform

Get 2 volunteers. One wears the blazer the other the tie.

Photo source:

primary school blazer and tie uniform uk – Google Image Search







These countries speak English. Anyone know the names of these countries?

english speaking countries flags – Google Image Search

(and many more countries, like Jamaica etc)







Distance from Laitila (Finland) to London

distance from Laitila to London – Google Search

Suomi is called Finland in English. 1 and half days driving!







Let’s look at the weather here and in London








London Transport

Red bus. Double decker bus.






London Underground train. The Tube.

London Transport – Google Image Search







Big Ben

Parliament is a very similar word in Finnish. Big Ben is the bell at the top of the clock.

Big Ben – Google Image Search






What do English houses look like?

This is where my parents live.






English Breakfast

Bacon is a similar word in Finnish.

English Breakfast – Google Image Search






Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips – Google Image Search








Toffee – Google Image Search








Fudge – Google Image Search

Toffee is pronounced/said differently in Finland. Toffee is soft in Finland, but is generally hard and sticky in England. What Finnish people call toffee we call fudge. (this shows a little bit differences and highlights “Finnish way” of saying some English words). The Finnish Omar sweets are quite similar to fudge.

Let’s try some. Let’s eat some.


Thank you


Many thanks

Thank you very much






Days of the week

Say them often and say them LOUD.

Days of the week – Google Image Search






Months of the year

Say them often and say them LOUD.

Months of the year – Google Image Search


Any questions?




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