I am an English language trainer (tutor), book producer who lives in rural Finland. I used to be a painter, the inspiration for my business name. These days the ‘art’ in ‘Art by Adrian Colin Doyle’ refers to the art of learning and the artistic process that goes into producing written books and designing book covers.


Adrian lives in sunny/snowy Finland, with his two children, lovely wife and keyboard/paintbrush.

I was born in a military hospital in Germany in the midst of the Cold War. Growing up in a series of different Army bases, my childhood felt like one great big adventure. Every few years brought new countries, new places to explore and new people to run with. Glory days containing the occasional horse, tank, helicopter or parachute jump. After military school and university, life took me to Stuttgart and then Athens, Dublin, London and finally Finland.

adriancolindoyle.com is owned by ‘Art by Adrian Colin Doyle’, registered in Finland, Business ID: 2615224-8.

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